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Tank Closure Assessment

G&S preforms all closure reports in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Chapter 62-621 F.A.C Rule. We can complete closure reports on tank removals, tank upgrades, tank abandonment, and close in-place projects.

G&S performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in general accordance with ASTM 1527-05 Standard. G&S can perform a phase I ESA in 5 to 7 business days. If recognized environmental conditions are identified, G&S can preform a Phase II ESA on the subject property. All Phase I & II ESA are conducted by a licensed Professional Geologist, this allows for the reports to be reviewed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. EPA, or local environmental agency.


The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) prepared by G&S Good Environmental, Inc. (G&S) will perform the Phase I ESA’s in accordance with the standards set forth in ASTM Designation E1527-05 and the following Scope of Work Summary.


The purpose of this Phase I ESA is to identify existing or potential recognized environmental conditions or historical recognized environmental conditions (as defined by ASTM Standard E-1527-05) affecting the Property. The qualitative assessment will be accomplished by, and limited to, a review of presently and readily available information regarding past and current land use for indications of the manufacture, generation, use, storage and/or disposal of hazardous substances at the site, and site reconnaissance to observe existing site conditions.

The Phase I ESA is typically requested by the Client for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Assist in the evaluation of legal and financial liabilities associated with the property;
  • Assist in the evaluation of the Property’s overall development potential;
  • Assist in the determination whether any immediate actions at the Property are necessary to comply with existing environmental laws and regulations;
  • Constitute partial or whole appropriate inquiry for purposes of CERCLA’s innocent landowner defense.


  • Performing a site visit to identify any obvious visual signs of contamination. Access to all portions of the subject property, including roof(s), storage area(s), and basement(s), if applicable will be necessary. If access is unavailable to any portion of the subject property, ability to complete the scope of services described herein may be hindered);
  • Investigation of past and present land use. (Should past use dictate, review of previous site usage to identify the possibility of on-site release or disposal of manufacturing or other waste);
  • Investigation of adjacent land use and possible source(s) of contamination;
  • Review of pertinent readily available documents and maps regarding geologic and hydrogeologic conditions for the site;
  • Review and interpretation of available historical aerial photographs and other readily available historical documentation of the site and vicinity and provide representative copies of the photographs reviewed;
  • Review of existing facility for potential PCB or PCB-contaminated electrical equipment (if applicable);
  • Review county, state, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists of known or potential hazardous waste sites or landfills and sites currently under investigation for environmental violations;
  • Conduct inquiries to applicable municipal, county, and state regulatory agencies for information regarding building or environmental permits, environmental violations or incidents and/or status of enforcement actions at the subject property;
  • Conduct interviews, if appropriate, with subject property owner or manager and maintenance personnel, if available, to evaluate site history and operation and maintenance procedures; and Prepare a report of findings of the above investigation including color photographic documentation of the subject site and site maps. The report may include a recommendation to perform a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to evaluate concerns disclosed during Phase I. Phase II typically includes, but is not limited to, additional sampling and analysis of water, soil, electrical equipment fluid and building materials. This scope does not include services associated with Phase II of an Environmental Site Assessment.

Contamination Assessment

G&S has years of experience performing contamination assessments on petroleum and hazardous waste contaminants. G&S conducts soil, soil gas, groundwater, and surface water sampling to fully delineate contamination plumes. G&S can complete remedial action system plans, construction, and operation and maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality

G&S can provided mold assessments and asbestos surveys to satisfy clients due diligence requirements for commercial and residential properties. All asbestos reports are signed and sealed by an licensed Asbestos Consultant.